Talent Management Process

Getting acquainted

Beginning with an initial contact, usually over the phone, one of our specialist consultants will meet you in person to discuss your candidature in great detail. You will also be invited to submit a CV to keep in our files, or if a role is currently available, we will go over its requirements and expectations, as well as determine if it is a suitable career path for you.

Meet the company

After you give us the green signal at your end, we will proceed to setup an interview for you with the company. We will support you fully during the interview stage (mostly a two- to three-step process) with regular feedback. For instance, we can help you refine your CV to the job you are applying for.

Open talks

After your interview, we will keep you updated on how your application is progressing. Once we complete all pre-employment checks, we will make an offer presentation. Following your placement with the company, we will endeavour to continue our talent-recruiter relationship with regular follow-ups.