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It is a talent-driven market out there, and that’s not going to change for a while.

The Candidate is Watching

It is 2019 and the War for Talent is still on, especially in Australia’s IT industry. Job seekers (and those with niche, in-demand skillsets) are no longer willing to put up with a distasteful hiring experience or weak employer brands.

Employers, are you doing enough to attract talent? Think about it…

The decision to change jobs is a hard one to make, which is why successful recruiting begins long before a person thinks, “Am I happy at my current job?”.

Now you may have a great product/service offering and are an amazing company to work for, but are you marketing your employer brand to your potential employees, especially those who don’t even know they are job seeking yet?

Create a LinkedIn page (social media is your best friend) for your company and share employee stories regularly. Start an employee-led blog on your website. Show the world what makes your company tick and what people are missing out on by not working for you. And, keep it real. In doing so, you can also attract candidates who haven’t heard of your brand before.

Help the Recruiter Help You 

Recruiters (i.e. us!) are, essentially, brand ambassadors for your company. If you have vacancies and are working with a recruiter, have authentic conversations about your brand. Invite them into your office for a quick walk-around. Recruiters are smart; they can pick up on the vibes and ‘read’ the company culture, so to speak. If we find a disconnect between how you describe the company versus what we see and feel, it makes our job ten times harder. In short, it is not easy to sell a company that is not easy to work for.

Keep Hiring Simple

Still think it is okay to keep talent waiting after they have applied for a job? Nope. Slow application processes, no feedback, and death by (multiple) interviews are absolute no-nos. Here are some tips:

  • Have compelling job descriptions. The quality of candidates you attract lies in the details.
  • Keep interviews short and painless, and not a two-week-long affair.
  • Speed is key. Source today, hire tomorrow!
  • Make the offer process quick and easy. You will lose a top performer if you keep them waiting.
  • Offer better candidate-hiring experiences or go viral on social media for the wrong reasons.

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