Author - Bucknell

My first month at Reach Recruitment as an IT Recruiter has flown by quickly, and I have enjoyed every minute of it so far.

Stepping out of my comfort zone, from my previous career in Equipment/Machinery Hire and Service Co-ordination, seemed like a big risk to take since recruitment was a totally unrelated field. Although it was quite daunting, I am finding it more and more exciting as each day goes by. I am growing in confidence, as well as in my ability to adapt to a new, more fast-paced environment.

There are lots of crossovers from the skills I used in my previous role; I had to build relationships with customers over the phone as I was the main point of contact for the two national key accounts I looked after, and so, developing relationships with the candidates I speak to on a daily basis has come quite naturally to me. I have learned so much about the importance of listening to candidates’ needs and to ensure I get the right information from them in order to know what role and company would be right for them.

My specific technology vertical, which is Digital and Front End Development, is an area I have never been exposed to before working at Reach Recruitment, and I am finding it interesting to learn about and understand the different technologies and languages that are used in this line of work, and also finding out what is actually involved in digital and front end development jobs. I will continue to absorb any information I can to have a better understanding that will help me when talking to both candidates and clients.

Overall my experience working at Reach Recruitment as an IT Recruiter has been great, and I am looking forward to progressing and seeing how much I grow in the coming months and for the relationships that I will build.

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